Anonymous asked: Not a confession, more an observation about the confessions- a lot of the posts criticizing specific parts of the fandom are overusing the word "bullying". Bullying isn't the same as being rude or mean. It's a way of attacking a specific person. You can be terrible but still not a bully. It does seem to downplay the serious nature of bullying when someone uses it just to refer to one post.



Anonymous asked: what program do you use to make your confessions

2 of us use Microsoft Word & Paint and one of us uses photoshop. :)

Rejected Message

If a confession is against our rules, we don’t post it (& we publish an announcement so the submitter knows why).

People sometimes send us messages/responses for us to post stating that it’s “not a confession”. We will not post these if they are also against the rules. We have recently received one that will not be posted as it is negative about a particular group of shippers. The message was worded like this (just so the poster can identify that it’s theirs): “not a confession…I don’t understand why ??? only shippers are so threatened by ??? shippers, I ship both……” etc. We do like everything we post to abide by the rules to minimise hate towards specific fandom members, actors etc. Sorry! You can always try re-wording rejected confessions/messages & re-submit them.


Anonymous asked: If attacks against the actors themselves are discouraged regarding their roles, why are so many confessions accepted and printed regarding the real-life relationships between the actors? Should that not be discouraged, too?

We don’t post confessions which are hateful towards actors - criticising their performance, appearance etc. The confessions we’ve posted about the relationships between actors haven’t actually been hateful or negative towards the actors. We use our own discretion with every confession, but if they abide by the rules & we don’t think the actors would be offended by a confession, we don’t see the harm in posting them. They’re not posted if they are negatively targeting a specific group of shippers. I know we are receiving a lot on the same subject recently, but we’re trying to be careful not to post repeat confessions.